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Robinson Forest



Extension Activities in Robinson Forest

Demonstration sites and materials have been developed specifically for use in extension programming helping educators to more effectively teach about water quality, forestry practices, wildlife, and forest resource management. These sites and their associated materials have been used by a broad range of groups, including high school, collegiate and vocational educators, natural resource professionals, and environmentally concerned organizations.

An example of some programs held at Robinson Forest are Kentucky Forest Leadership Program, Kentucky Woodland Owners Short Course, and Kentucky Master Logger. 


Woodland Owners

Some woodland owner programs are conducted at Robinson Forest such as the Kentucky Woodland Owners Short Course allowing owners to view practices they might want to incorporate.

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Master Loggers

Master Loggers

Designed to enhance the logger’s ability to operate efficiently within the framework of constantly changing environmental and safety regulations, Robinson Forest serves as a demonstration, training and continuing education site.

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High School Students

Several programs for high school students such as the Kentucky Forest Leadership Program are conducted at Robinson Forest allowing them to explore the many aspects of forestry and related fields.

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From the Woods Today

The Forestry and Natural Resources team hosts From the Woods Today, weekly internet show on Zoom each Wednesday at 11 a.m. Topics include trees, wildlife, forest health and more.

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